Compounding the difficulties, Remington discovered dimensioned drawings of Marlins iconic rifles did not exist. The trigger is better than on the newer gun, the action is smoother, and the loading gate doesnt need to be replaced to be functional. This is July 2015 and it is a beautiful rifle! The deluxe version of the Texan has a fancy walnut stock, machine-cut engraving, and a gold-colored trigger. I also worked 1 mile from Savage and was 30 minutes from S&W and they are still pumping out good guns but are of course not part of a mismanaged FG. So, in terms of killing power, the .338 Marlin Express is a 200 yard elk cartridge and a 300 yard deer cartridge with the Hornady 200 grain flat point bullet at a MV of 2400 fps. We need every gun company that can stay solvent to remain solvent. Well I just bought the Marlin 336BL 30/30 and I inspected it but briefly at the gun store. Id be willing to give them a shot. In .30-30, .32 Special and .308 ME, Marlins firing red-tipped bullets have taken three six-point elk. And the trigger pull was actually lighter and a bit smoother than on some of my old Marlins. All the crap rifles should be immediately recalled. Glad I ran across this site. Can Marlin come back? I have a 338 Marlin with the well known barrel droop. Hornady's focus over the last decade has been on exposed-hammer, rear-locking lever rifles with tube magazines the Marlins and Winchesters whose ancestors defined the saddle carbine, won the West and became archetypal woods guns for whitetail hunters. I asked no reason given. I also have a Marlin model 336 in .35 Remington which I bought around the same time. That is probably the only good news out of sandy hook. Stay in the know. For quality firearms, Id stick with S&W, Ruger, Savage and CZ, and a few Berettas. Total POS. My next lever action will be in .45-70, and it will be a Henry. As the locking bolt moves into full engagement with the breechbolt, its top end pushes the rear section of the firing pin into alignment with the front section, and the rifle will fire when the trigger is squeezed. One of the guys I was with had a brand new Winchester Semi. The transitions drained nothing from the mechanism's sleek but Spartan profile, its slick cycling and gunny feel. But Dave Emary and his engineering team didn't stop at the bullet tip. With that being said, they had no business even starting the transfer without design and process verification between both facilities. Alternatively, when I decided I wanted a really nice .22 LR, I bought a Henry lever action rifle in that caliber. The existing bullet was remade with a thinner jacket in order to promote expansion and upset at longer ranges. The machine operators at each station have a limited set of instructions and moves they make on the machine. I was nervous about it, and cosmetically, it is inferior to my pre-Remington 336 and 1895C. Its trajectory is similar to the .30-06 Springfield.[3]. When developing the .338 Marlin Express it should be remembered that the primary goal is an effective woods cartridge that kicks less than previous medium bore cartridges such as the .338 Federal, .338-06 A-Square, .348 Winchester, .35 Whelen, and .358 Winchester. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Both of the ones made in the 80s are harder feeding through the loading gate, but once loaded they cycle almost as smooth as the old one, but shells drag like the metal is rough. Every person that got stuck with a substandard Marlin should get a replacement free of charge. Plan to remove scope and just go iron sights at under 50 yrds. The barrel has some Marlin markings on it and the MarlinNorth Haven CT. stamp on the left side of the barrel just below the rear sight. It would certainly sell. A practical medium bore caliber that kicks no more than a popular small bore! Question of the Day: Are You Tired of Being Vilified? Five hundred isnt bad though, especially if it is one of the more expensive models (lam stock guide gun). 338 Marlin Express (online-PDF 39,6 KB), "All Aboard the .338 Marlin Express" article in, "308 Marlin Express LEVERevolution at Hornady web site", "MidwayUSA data for Lapua Ammunition .30-06 Springfield 200gr Soft Point ammunition", "MidwayUSA data for Norma Ammunition .30-06 Springfield 200gr "Oryx Protected Point" soft point ammunition", ".307 Winchester reload data by Accurate Powder", ".300 Savage reload data by Accurate Powder", ".308 Winchester reload data by Accurate", "MidwayUSA data on Black Hills Gold Ammunition .308 180gr Nosler Accubond load. Sometime after World War II Jack O'Connor, the Dean of American gun writers, proposed a new .33 caliber cartridge. I am looking at an 1895G. When Marlin's 1893 became the Model 36 in 1937, it sold for $32 to hunters emerging from very hard times. Didnt the Remington R51 have (has) a few quality problems also? the quality. For the guy asking about the 38/357s, I have a Winchester model 94 thats a good shooter, though Im not sure they are still in production? Beretta released its PX4 Storm line in the 1990s without much fanfare, but it since has developed something of a cult-like following. This may be a special case and not necessarily apply to lower tolerance designs. Gone are all versions of the .308 Marlin Express and .338 Marlin Express. Gun #: 936172940. so the tang at the bottom of the grip was not flush with the stock. However, on several occasions, Marlin has chambered the Model 336 for faster cartridges for use in open country. You are using an out of date browser. At .30, the neck might seem a bit short of ideal by traditional handloading standards, but given limits imposed by the action, it's surely long enough. The .308 Marlin Express appeared three years ago. When there was bad talk about you guys I wanted to give you a chance. 308 Marlin Express ammunition for sale 308 Marlin Express for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. With Leverlution ammo shell print a 2 group at 100 yards from a rest. That tenon has drilled and tapped holes on either side of it, to which the fore-end tip (part #26 on the attached image link) is attached by means of a screw on either side. forcing Henry to get even better. As for Winchester, I have shot a couple built before the turn of the last century and while they are excellent rifles neither was as smooth or as accurate as my old Marlins. I want a lever gun, too, in .38spl/.357mag; but Ive been conflicted over the choices out there. The softer tip eliminates the hazards of stacking pointed rounds end to end in a tubular magazine. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. One reason for the venerable Marlin lever actions longevity is that it is one of the all-time great deer-hunting rifles. Add to Cart See Details. Thanks. "The .35 is just not a popular size," he told me after I suggested a super .358. Old machines well maintained are also not a problem. I have a Marlin 1881 45-70 made in 1885 full length tube and 2 1895S that were made in the early 1980s and 1 1895 with full tube made around early 2000s. To show viewers how to succeed at long range, J. Guthrie gears up for a challenging shot while chasing Colorado pronghorn at long range with DPMS' Panther 6.5 Creedmoor. The BC of the FTX is .430 as opposed to .455 for the SST which for all intents and purposes makes for very little difference in the field. The fit of the wood to the receiver is flawless. Today im picking up my new thumper, and apparently the box says for Jason on it. The opinions are all over the board. At least then you can inspect it. A huge advantage the Model 336 has over other lever-action rifles is ease of field stripping for cleaning the bore from the chamber end of the barrel rather than from the muzzle. Depend on MUNITIONS EXPRESS to bring you a multitude of money-saving rebates on ammo everyday. The serial number on the receiver indicates 2009 year of manufacture. One of the neatest bolt action bear rifles produced in recent years was the now discontinued Remington Model 670 Guide Rifle, in .350 Remington Magnum. For Marlin/Remington its just bad management. 1 Single-Shot Rifle: Tips to Improve Its Accuracy, 7 Top .17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire) Rifles, 6.5 PRC vs 6.5 RPM What You Need to Know, 6 Best .300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) Rifles. So zeroed, the maximum point blank range (MPBR) of this load is 214 yards (+/- 3 inches). Last edited on 20 November 2021, at 05:22, 338 Marlin Express LEVERevolution at Hornady web site, C.I.P. behind the curtainandreported the facts backto you. Ive had a lot of lever guns, but none more loved than my Henry. I dont care. Maybe the young folks wont need them. These articles generated considerable interest among Guns and Shooting readers, but the cartridge was not picked-up by a major ammo manufacturer, at least in its original form. Almost weightless, the William's 5D receiver sight offers quick aim and a clean receiver profile. Today we are looking at a new product from Taurus: the Defender 856 TORO. But if Remington does get its act together, I wouldnt hesitate to grab another 1894. And I will wait another few weeks on another luck of the draw. I have owned two prior Marlins, one of them JL stamped, that were really not all that great. This isn't your grandpa's muzzleloading system. The action was quite smooth, and the guns accuracy was very good. The reloader can easily reduce the powder charge to achieve O'Connor's ideal muzzle velocity of 2400-2450 fps. third rifle, the stock looked like a high school woodshop class project that failed. Barring that, they were EXPECTED to ramp up their QC so that substandard rifles would not ship, thereby damaging both the Remington and Marlin brands. Special and .35 Remington. I will test fire it at camp. But after walking into my gunsmith, and his first words out of his mouth when he saw I was holding that Martin xt was, front sight ,cant fix it got to be sent marlin for a new Barrel . Introducing the NEW 338 Marlin Express, the most lethal combination of flat trajectory and game-leveling energy to ever grace a lever gun. I am happy with the rifles I have and would recommend the Marlin ones from at least 2019 when I got mine. YMMV. What is the holdup in getting the designs into CAD? Today in the light of day with further inspection..the loading gate is already all scratched.but no info included if it was test fired??? | As introduced in Hornady's LEVERevolution line of cartridges, it follows the design logic of the .308 Marlin Express which preceded it. Other than having to get used to loading it from the muzzle end of the tube instead of through a loading gate, theres just nothing not to like about this Henry rifle. guns, but meh. Marlin's new Model 1895 in .450 Marlin hits hard indeed inside 200 yards. My 35 cal 336 (early 80s age) was at least three times the shooter. With an Accu-Fit stock and left hand adjustable bolt, this rifle is a perfect choice for anyone! A relatively unknown brand, with a whole new platform, at an incredibly enticing price point thats GForce Arms with the LVR410. So is the fit, finish and action as good as a well loved vintage Marlin? Henry rifles are not an option. Taurus Defender 856 TORO Brings Optic-Ready Performance to a Revolver. I try to find a reason to reject it. All Rights Reserved. Its generally a 3-4 MOA rifle. The rifling twist for almost all modern .338 cartridges is 1 turn in 10 inches, which should also be suitable for the .338 Marlin, although a 1 in 12 twist would probably also work well. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Everything considered, his rifle is as good as the Model 336 has ever been. Man, thats a shame. The fools running that board were so blind to the defects of the latest marlin rifles that they wouldnt believe their own eyes per my video. At 200 yards the velocity is 1638 fps and the energy is 1191 ft. lbs. Perhaps they are indeed back and really focusing on quality once again. The only changes Ive made to it is to add a Williams peep sight on the receiver, and a fiberoptic front sight of the right height to match the rear sight. The action is butter smooth UNLIKE the Marlins. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that Id have to ship it off to WildWest guns and pay a fortune just to try make it right. Still, a Marlin 1895 (a 336 with big ports and magazine tube) looks and handles best with iron sights. Im the lucky owner of a pre-Remlin 1894CL in .32-20 that I had slicked up by a CAS gunsmith. EasterBunny said>>>I have made hundreds, if not thousands of parts with no drawings. Mikey Hartman, Lt. Col. New design full pistol grip buttstock of genuine American black walnut 'Sure-Grip' semi-beavertail forearm, rounded and nicely shaped, Silver bead front sight dovetailed to the barrel and flat top Rocky Mountain rear sight Overall length: 38 inches. Quantity: 20 Rounds. Many hunters were switching to telescopic sights, so beginning in 1956 receivers were drilled and tapped for scope mounting, and an offset hammerspur was included. Joseph Von Benedikt shows his custom 500 and how well it shoots. I bought two marlin 22 LR for the boy scouts. Seller is on-line and there is a 3-day inspection. The 450 was ok. Just went in last week to get one, wow what a pile of junk!!!! The one made in this century has the hardest action to cycle. They sent me private emails and said I was the problem and was somehow trying to make the gun look bad. My FFL handed me the box before I paid so that I could look at the gun, and I gave it a very cursory examination, checked the sights to make sure they were aligned (being already aware of past issues in this area), and I worked the action to make that sure it worked smoothly and without hangup which it did. ], and yet improve efficiency. So when those screws are threaded in all the way, they *look* cross-threaded, although they are not. Took it off the wall to get a closer look because I had just run across this very article the other day. Maybe I just lucked out, but I love my 1894, and Ill probably sometimes still use it for deer, and its one incredible option as a home defense carbine. Dont buy a new Marlin, I just received a model 1895 at my FFL dealers, and I refused delivery of it, it is a POS. After my previous experiences with the Freedom Group, I did not care to submit myself to that kind of abuse again. Dave wanted more powder capacity to keep pressures modest without sacrificing ballistic muscle. The recoil of our standard velocity .338 Marlin Express load should be less than the 20.4 ft. lbs. You cant beat a 94 Marlin when compared stock to stock. According to what I have read, it appears the problems began after the plant was moved. Question to Marlin-WTF? Clearly no one had ever worked this action at the factory or anywhere else until this poor guy got it to the range. I mean, thats one of the most epic ways Ive ever seen to screw a brand over. Once poster at Marlinowners said it took him eight months to get his defective/repaired gun back, and only after threatening legal action. went into production, the .307 Win. To add sizzle to the steak, a "Light Magnum" type load could be given the LeverEvolution treatment. The Marlin name is at least as strong. If it was something like a bent barrel, or broken action, then yeah, I would have sent it back. but it is smooth on sliding surfaces . My wife happens to like the slightly heavier pull and is not fond of my Savage Mark II with 3lb pull. In fact, you have to wonder if its too late for Marlin. The Remington Model Seven is ready, willing and able to handle just about any task. Give a Gift The forum admins there got angry at me for stating the facts like I was the bad guy insulting their wonderful Marlin company. The gun is definitely a thumper, but it keeps the bears at bay!! precisely with no hesitation or run-around. Americas history goes hand in hand with lever action rifles and if Marlin gets its act back together they will regain their reputation. At this point I can fast fire 38 specials on target very easily. (Remington officials later acknowledged the move was a disaster.) Out of stock. Always wanted a Volcanic, would it be plausible to make them in 9mm? We suspected they would probably try to build the system but we werent too worried. They would make no commitments nor agreed to stand behind the product flaws. It was reintroduced in 2018 and has an MSRP of $999. Thats why you can go to a gunshow and build a functioning AR-15 from Mil-Spec parts on 10 different tables. My Henry .17 Golden Boy is one of the most fun of my 39 guns to shoot, and is deadly accurate. Dont ask me how this came about, but the foreign country didnt have authorization to produce our design even though they had the manufacturing drawings. It is a very well made rifle. In reality, the new .338 Marlin Express bears almost no resemblance to the larger, longer, rimless and much more . We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. If looking to acquire an automated powder-charge dispensing unit to speed up precision reloading, don't judge the RCBS ChargeMaster Lite powder scale and dispenser by its name; the Little Green machine packs a heavy-weight punch with speed and accuracy. I own two Marlins. The above figures demonstrate that Jack O'Connor's original concept was perfectly valid. Federal has created a safer, easier and more reliable way to shoot a muzzleloader. The SKU reduction allowed the factory to focus on the rifles they had a greater ability to produce on a consistent basis, which tended to be the highest-volume offerings. Good products can help. But if they dont get their crap together, theyre going to fade and that would be a shame. Marlin replaced my 336SS. Ask the customer service rep at Martin if this was a common problem with the rifle, he said no , very rare. Obviously, most contemporary Americans have forgotten that .30/30 is a great cartridge that falls ballisticaly somewhere between .308 and 7.6239, and it is a viable choice for either general purpose/hunting use, or even as a something arises cartridge. Initially offered in .30-30, .35 Remington, .444 Marlin, .450 Marlin and .45-70 ammunition, the bullets are now available in several other Hornady LEVERevolution loads. "We re-engineered our 200-grain .338 Winchester Magnum bullet with a thinner jacket to encourage upset at long range. I still want a big bore lever, but it not in any hurry now I guess time will tell how that goes. It is mind-boggling to youngsters today, most of whom equate manufacturing and dimensioned products with CAD/CAM systems. They dont take any advertising, so theres no conflict of interest when they review products. They were also mechanically defectiveno case, no case rim, no extractor, therefore no way to get a dud rocket-ball out of the chamber except a stick. I returned the rifle to marlin again requesting they fix it. I will never again buy a Marlin, regardless of vintage. So the equipment was so bad they had to move to the Remington factory, but then they took the equipment How did moving benefit the the manufacturing process again? NOTE: The innovative LEVERevolution FTX and MonoFlex bullet designs may require a newer magazine follower to provide best possible functioning of the last round out of the magazine in certain guns. Items Per Page: Item Total: (7) 0 - 7 338 Marlin Express Full Length Series I 2 Die Set With Zip Spindle 005-546359 | Hornady $62.35 In Stock 338 Marlin Express Seater Die 044-25438 | RCBS $15.80 In Stock The Lewis Hepburn-designed Model 1893 breech-locking system has remained the same to this day, and while its quite simple, not all current Model 336 owners understand its operation. I had and still want one. Never one to sit still, Dave told me even before the RCMs appeared that he planned to fashion a lever-action round to trump all others. It had taken an hour to cut the old Ballard-style rifling with the scrape-cutter method, but a barrel could be rifled in only a few seconds with the button method. Their lockup is as strong as that of most bolt rifles. .308 MARLIN EXPRESS LEVER ACTION 5 ROUNDS 22 BARREL. That gets a bit tougher. bought marlin model 57 22 magnum gator pawn shop in florida. Marlins Back And Its Bad! So its a double fail: failure to verify drawings before they bought the company, and a big fail in taking 4+ years to produce drawings for what amounts to a handful of relatively simple machines. It'll do that or better all day. J. Scott Rupp takes a first look at the Springfield M1A Loaded rifle chambered in the popular 6.5 Creedmoor. Part of that hard work was recovering from a poorly planned [2010] move from Marlins longstanding manufacturing plant in North Haven,Connecticut, to Remington-operated factories in Ilion, New York, and Mayfield, Kentucky . The .308 Marlin Express, on the other hand, was made with a thinner web than its parent case, the .307 Winchester, for additional capacity. Its a real shame what Remington has done to them. The TORO (Taurus Optics Ready Option) is touted as the first-ever optics-ready revolver, and being a sucker for red dots and handguns, I had to try it. For everyones information, as a mechanical engineer with 30 years of experience I can tell you that NO ONE makes production-line mechanical devices without properly dimensioned and toleranced drawings. The trajectory and killing power are excellent for our purposes, but what about recoil? Ive been involved in transferring manufacturing processes and equipment oversees (from Asia back to Texas in my case) and its never easy. Another attempt was made in 1983 with the .307 Winchester and .356 Winchester, and while rifles in .356 Win. My first three-shot group measured a hair under one inch. Marlin rifles chambered for the fine .444 were named the Model 444. We have a great workforce in Ilion with gunmaking talent, but they had never built lever-action rifles before, so there was learning curve. . I wouldnt mess with the other stuff. . Agreed. Itll make ragged holes @ 50 yards off a bench using 158gr JSPs. It required moving equipment, setting it up in a new location, and training people to build these rifles. And customer service at Reminton/Marlin is reportedly very slow. All Rights Reserved. They can maybe come back, but do you think a management team that was able to make such a colossal string of blunders has the ability to salvage the name and win back customer trust? Specifically, the one Ive done the most to, Ive replaced several parts on a 50s model Ishapoor (just wanted an SMLE in .308) rifle, without a care in the world, just ordered what I craved from SARCO Ive replaced these parts not due to FTF issues, but because Im not willing to have the rifle in-op while refinishing various bits for cosmetics. Despite what I knew, I tried to get an 1895 SBL anyway. It was a huge mistake to move the Marlin manufacturing to NY. you gotta pay to see what it says Isnt this what Pelosi did with obummercare. Several trips over a couple of months punctuated by very careful filing of the extractor and testing at the range before it was working 100% with all ammo types. (Everything at AAC takes 2 weeks. The $2300 one was a limited edition. The Model 336C (MSRP: $635) in .30-30 or .35 Remington is the most popular in the line. and I really like it. Call (866) 582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 Henry rifles are also beautiful pieces of machinery as well, and always have been. Im not sure if mine is post FG or not. Did you *actually* make a warranty claim, or are you just whining about the product on a forum? You get tolerance stack up on the multiple parts and the gun jams. The latter could be loaded with a 200 grain flex-tip spitzer bullet at maximum pressure to achieve the highest possible velocity. Our first season bear tags take eight years to get. One rifle I racked the lever and it locked up, could not close the lever. I know that, over the years, the stock is going to get dinged up and the bluing will lose its depth or come off entirely in spots. When produced in Maine Bushmaster was on of the best ar15 rifles that could be had, now they are sloppy. When you lack a concrete set of dimensions, a whole bunch of things start failing for you what are your allowances, tolerances, etc on parts that are to be fitted together? One report of a gun blowing up with Remington factory ammo. Illinois Freedom Week Starts Today: Federal Court Blocks Enforcement of Illinois Assault Weapons Ban, Michigan Wants to Sue Gun Makers & Sellers for Crimes Committed With Legal Guns While Letting Criminal Go Free, FN America Adding Capacity With a New Facility to be Built in Liberty, South Carolina,, This is no joke. Ive been using mine over 30 years and it was used when I got it. Maybe. This is an interesting discussion. I should have just bought the Ruger!!! . Guess Ill wait until an old one shows up in a pawn shop or something. It is based on the .376 Steyr with a goal to duplicate the venerable .30-06 Springfield's performance in a cartridge compatible with lever-action firearms. It is because I trust a receiver made 50-100 years ago more than I trust recent commercial production. But supporting an installed base of 100s of thousands of guns, where you need to be compatible for both parts replacement and putting older parts into new guns? took over. Winchester later repeated their error when they introduced the .356 Winchester, a rimmed version of the .358 for the Model 94 Big Bore rifle, also loaded to a MAP of 52,000 cup in order to maximize ballistic performance, with a similar lack of success. miniature dachshund sperm for sale near bucharest, professional lacrosse league salary, asian antique appraisers,
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